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Tracy Johnson - Morning Radio Consultant and Talent Coach
Tracy Johnson

    President, TJMG

Let’s Fix Your Show!

Let’s Fix Your Show!

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Air Check Coaching Sessions

Private air check sessions for under-coached radio personalities.

The Aircheck Coaching Session with Tracy was immediately additive to growing the morning show. Creating Ratings in morning drive radio is a unique and specific skill set that Tracy undoubtedly has! This online system is easy and cost-efficient!”

Roy Laughlin, Legendary Broadcaster, Los Angeles
 I highly recommend Tracy Johnson’s coaching session for anyone embarking on a serious job search. I learned to focus on what was good about my aircheck, resume, and social media presence as well as excellent suggestions on where I had room to improve. Thank you so much! I’m very grateful.
Margo Marano, Personality

I am so appreciative of your time, and that is an understatement. Over the moon would be more like it. If you were my boss I would look forward to aircheck critiques. It was so informative. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Andy Meadows and the TJMG team conduct a great Aircheck Coaching Session.   I was impressed with how thorough Andy was in reviewing my materials, and how thoughtful his comments were. The feedback was constructive and positive. The presentation was tailored to my goals and gave me great stuff to take my aircheck, and career, to the next level. The service is a great value for anyone looking to get that next gig and improve their skills.”

Don Rau, Personality

It has always been difficult to put together an aircheck that will demonstrate my strengths and get from the initial stage to the interview stage. But now I have the ingredients to do that! Both Tracy and Andy were well prepared to discuss my aircheck and offer suggestions on how to help me! I would highly recommend this session to anyone who wants to further their career whether you are newer to radio or a seasoned veteran.

James Baker, Personality

My Aircheck Coaching Session with Andy was the most insightful and positive coaching session I’ve had in many years. He started by pointing out the great things I’m doing each morning. Then he talked about things that I could fine tune to make my presentation even better. Andy put together my entire presentation, including the aircheck and video, and pointed out tips to make my resume better. We talked about my goals and how to achieve them.  It’s obvious that Andy knows how to “coach” talent and not “critique” them. I’m very grateful for his insight and advice.

Bill Fox, Personality
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