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We develop radio personalities and podcast talent that command attention, deliver ratings, and build fans.

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“Everyone needs a coach, including actors, athletes, and radio personalities. We inspire great performances.

Tracy Johnson

President/CEO, TJMG

Talent Coaching

Great shows don’t just happen. It’s a result of the right strategy, outstanding execution, and intense coaching that inspires creative performance. Discover how Tracy Johnson Media Group can work for you.

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Top Of Mind Awareness

The Battle For Radio’s Place In Media.

This is the single most important thing for radio’s survival. Top Of Mind Awareness for radio brands is at an all-time low and we must take immediate action to make our station and personality brands more exciting.

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I always try to catch your Webinars live or at least go back and grab the replay, but I have to say that GIFS is now my new ALL-TIME favorite that you’ve done. It was jam-packed with great info. Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes!!

Rick Andrews

Rick Andrews, PD, Foster Communications
“Thank you for the webinars. They are insightful, informative, and entertaining, regularly share them with my staff in aircheck meetings & promotions meetings.”
Phat Matt Franklin, Program Director
“And suddenly, it all makes sense! I love Tracy johnson’s webinars. Please, sir…I want some more!”
Melody, Air Personality
“I presented your webinar The Ratings Game to my team and we made it a priority to give appointments listening. Our station grew from 15 to 22 shares in 18-54 for our adult station Rouge FM. Thanks for the inspiration!”
Mark Thibault, Program Director

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your seminars and insights into personality radio.
My show has grown exponentially in the past year — even facing difficulties well beyond my control — you’ve kept me steady.”

Gary Rivers, Air Personality
“It was another great webinar today. Thank you so much for that. I always learn something.”
Bill Fox, Air Personality
“I received your emails for years, but attended my first online seminar this week. Wow! It’s a must-attend from now on. Bless you in your work!”
Daniel Britt, General Manager
“Your webinar presentation was terrific, outstanding, valuable, compelling, fresh, informative… ALL great things. I look forward to more.”
Steve Goldstein, Amplifi Media

Recent Success Stories

More Success Stories

“When I needed to reinvent, reformat, and reinvigorate my morning show I knew exactly where to turn. The man who wrote the book. Tracy Johnson truly understands creative talent. He knows how to create winning shows and keep them at the top.

Patrick Quarcoo, Radio Kenya

“Tracy Johnson is directly related to our success.  He’s involved in the big picture strategy all the way down to fine-tuning and brainstorming morning show bits and promo copy. I can’t imagine programming a station without him.”

“From the first time I spoke with Tracy, I could tell he was different from other morning show coaches.  He is highly engaged and passionately wants every one of his shows to win!”

Chris Eagan, B98.5/Atlanta

“Tracy has great ideas, but the real value is how he teaches us to apply them and build on our strengths. His passion is contagious and he’s the best motivator we have ever worked with!’

Jagger & Kristi, Magic 92.5/San Diego
“Tracy isn’t just a consultant. He’s the 4th member of our show! He helped us identify our strange, fun, and unique personality traits. It turns out, that’s exactly what our listeners were looking for!”
Drex Rener, B98.5/Atlanta
“Tracy has helped us mold our show in every aspect from character development to enhancing content. I call him the Steve Jobs of Radio!”
Rick Morton, Z90.3/San Diego & Syndicated
“Tracy is the top talent coach and programming consultant in the nation. He knows what works on-air and promotionally to excite listeners and drive ratings.”
Malone, 99.7 The Ranch/Fort Worth
“Tracy knows exactly how a great morning show should sound, and he has helped so many of our shows get there. He has helped us win another gold medal.”
David Corey, Cumulus, Detroit
“I hope you know how deeply appreciated and respected your work is. Your visits are something the teams look forward to and the relationships you have developed with key talent transcended that of any consultant. You make us better with your thoughtful coaching and personal approach.”
Richard Gray, Bell Media, Ottawa

“Tracy has made us a better team and a better show. Not only does he examine how to improve but makes us understand the ratings benefits of his strategies. He’s made us better individually and a better all around team.”

Bert Weiss, The Bert Show

“As an independent operator, we must be nimble, creative, and set trends, not follow them. And that’s exactly what the Tracy Johnson Media Group brings to our team.”

Norm McKee, Black Diamond Broadcasting

“Tracy has a unique ability to recognize, respond, and reinvent in the face of a hyper-changing landscape. He knows compelling content and has leading-edge insights in how to apply it to the new digital world. This makes Tracy a rare master of media.”

Paul Amos, XTRA Research/Australia
“I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in my 20+ years. Tracy did more to help me find and use my skills than all of the others. I’m a better storyteller, I’m funnier, and my shows are better because of his input.”
Jeff Dauler, Podcaster

“Tracy and Mike guide our team to crystallize their purpose, understand their roles, develop new (effective) prep processes, and build content that plays to the show’s strengths. They create a positive and supportive environment that encourages talent, which results in a unique show with personalities comfortable being themselves. TJMG has become trusted partners for our shows.”

Paul Kaye, Rogers Media
“Tracy’s expertise in the industry has provided our people a trusted resource. His abundance of creativity and ideas pushes us to work outside the box and puts us a step ahead of the competition.”
Gregg Wolfson, Local Media San Diego

“Tracy has guided our show to be more relatable and consumable.  Our show now has incredible chemistry and it’s actually easier to perform now that we are all rowing in the same direction!”

Tad Lemire, B98.5/Atlanta

Why Us?

Tracy Johnson and his team of pros provide coaching that builds fans and delivers measurable results.

We coach with honest, positive feedback to bring out the best in each personality. You’re not hiring a vendor. You’re adding teammate.

About Us

“There aren’t many things that 100% for sure affect the ratings. Having Tracy on our team has raised our ratings time and time again.”

Randy “R Dub!” Williams

Program Director, Z90.3 & Magic 92.5/San Diego

Tracy Johnson - Morning Radio Consultant and Talent Coach
Tracy Johnson

    President, TJMG

Let’s Fix Your Show!

Let’s Fix Your Show!

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“I’ve met a lot of smart people in this business, but there’s only one that truly gets morning shows-Tracy Johnson.”

Eric Rowe

Producer, Roula & Ryan, KRBE/Houston

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