We knew they were both really talented, but putting them together was risky. They take coaching so well, and with Tracy’s guidance, we’re proud of what we have so far…and are getting closer to having a show that transcends the format.
Cadillac Jack McCartney, VP/Programming
Jonathan is kind of a quiet, shy, sarcastic family man and I’m a performer who never shuts up and loves being on stage. We couldn’t be more opposite. We probably never would have chosen to work together, but we are a great complement to one another and have the WKLB team and Tracy to thank for helping us make it happen.
Ayla Brown, Cohost, WKLB/Boston
Trust is the most important aspect of performing with a team, and it takes time to build that trust. Ayla and I were put together in kind of an arranged marriage. But with the station’s support, Tracy’s guidance, and Jim helping us figure it out, we’ve become better together than separately. Or at least I am. I’m probably holding Ayla back”
Jonathan Wier, Host, WKLB/Boston

The Challenge

It’s hard to put a morning show together like an arranged marriage, but it can work with the right talent, a great attitude, and strong management. And that’s what we did at WKLB/Boston (Country 102.5). In 2018, we got the talent mix right with a most unlikely pairing. A country singer and a talk show host that didn’t know each other. Ayla is a Boston native and country music artist that had been a finalist on American Idol. But she had never been on the radio. Jonathan Wier was a successful talk show host from Kansas City that had never been on a music station. Unlikely? Yes. But it works.


The Process

There were three challenges: 1. Teach Jonathan to perform in shorter talk segments. 2. Help him learn to showcase his cohost. 3. Help Ayla figure out how to express her immense talent on the radio. To help, we added producer Jim Clerkin, a market veteran that worked with Matty In the Morning for many years.  With patience, coaching, and packaging their creative talent, the show has found its footing – and chemistry. They’re at their best in spontaneous moments when they’re laughing together. As they continue to get to know one another, there are more surprises and contagious, memorable moments.



The Growth

This story is still being written. The show has blossomed into a great listening experience that was getting traction when listening patterns were disrupted in the first quarter of 2020. They are intensely dedicated to the process of becoming a difference-making show in the market. The key to their success has been building a strong personal connection and learning to trust one another in performing the show.