Tracy’s recommendations for retrenching with a clean, highly-focused content strategy was just what we needed. It was the perfect solution for KMVQ to get back to being a top tier show in the market.

Brian Figula, Head of Programming, Bonneville/San Francisco

The Challenge

Bonneville’s CHR station in San Francisco had a problem. The station suffered a rating decline after their previous morning show (Fernando and Greg) disbanded. Rebuilding the show would center on Greg, an outrageous and likable cohost, and Benny, a new host, who hadn’t been on the air for a couple of years.

Program Director Jazzy Jim Archer asked Tracy Johnson Media Group to help with the strategy for the new show. The station had a solid cume, but the show needed more fans. We considered Big Bay Mornings a new show that would require a shift in content to a focused, listener-centric emphasis.

We then added a terrific producer, Art Ballesteros, and cohost Nikki Blades to the team.

The Process

The good news: Research showed listeners loved two key relationship features: Ghostbusters, which is similar to Second Date Update, and Love Trap, which is similar to War Of the Roses. We chose to double down on the more popular of the two, Love Trap, by programming it more often and promoting it aggressively as a key, signature feature.

Then we fine-tuned and tightened the show’s information/conversation feature about current events, Dirty On The 30.

Finally, we added The Big Money Money, their name for Thousand Dollar Minute. The key was to make these features famous on the theory that listeners are attracted by the things we do. We invested a lot of time and attention in executing and promoting these three key elements. Then we would leverage that engagement to build fans of the personalities performing the show.

The Growth

Big Bay Mornings grew consistently, driven by Love Trap.  As the team bonded, their timing improved. They took calculated risks to expand their content, and the show began to understand the concept of how to Prepare Tight and Perform Loose.
Fast-forward a couple of years and Big Bay Mornings is #1 in all of their key demographics, rising above long-running, established competitors. They continue to explore new horizons and treat the Bay Area to a funny, engaging, can’t-miss morning show each day.