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Tracy Johnson - Morning Radio Consultant and Talent Coach

“Radio’s future depends on difference-making personalities that inspire a passionate fan base. We develop those on-air superstars.”

Tracy Johnson

Radio Consultant and Talent Coach

What problem are you trying to solve?

I have no idea what we need, but we need something2021-09-27T16:44:01-07:00

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The media landscape is crowded with competitors clawing and fighting for attention. Sometimes it’s hard to see the “forest for the trees”.

We provide perspective, guidance, and a plan to identify what’s missing and put you on a path to success. We start with a detailed analysis of the current team and competitive environment, taking into account the company goals and opportunities. From there, we’ll work together to review options and create a strategy. Then we start working to get the players right.

We don’t know where to start. All our personalities need education!2021-09-27T14:26:26-07:00

No problem! Contact us for details on how we can teach young, inexperienced talent the fundamentals and basics without overwhelming them. We have tons of resources, including detailed, online video tools so they can work on their own between coaching and consulting sessions.


Help! We Need A New Show!2021-09-21T21:22:20-07:00

Our team excels in helping broadcasters identify a show to complement the station brand.

Then we help create and communicate a clear vision for the new show.

We then recruit talent through our network and vast resources including the Tracy Johnson Media Group’s Radio Talent Pool. We take pride in identifying and casting each personality in roles that bring out the best in each individual.

We have talented personalities, but they are young and inexperienced2021-09-27T16:45:28-07:00

The most important aspect of building a new show with fresh talent is to build it one piece at a time. We simplify the process by working on two things at a time:

  1. Strategic, big-picture concept.
  2. Fundamental, tactical skills.

When a new technique is mastered, we move to another area. You’ll hear the progress quickly and the personalities will be excited as they grow like a snowball rolling downhill.

Our show isn’t as successful as it should be2021-09-21T21:24:49-07:00

There are many reasons a personality or show under-performs expectations.

We listen, analyze performance, and meet with management to discuss the challenges. Then we present solutions to the personalities as opportunities to grow.

The result is a detailed strategy for success. And we’re with you every step of the way to help the team execute the plan with consistent feedback and coaching.

Our show is good, but uninspired2021-09-21T21:26:04-07:00

Some shows have the talent to succeed but need a fire to be lit. Inspire great performances is our specialty.

We bring fresh ideas designed to fit each personality to bring out the most attractive traits in their character brand. The process is positive, productive, and fun. The result is a show with renewed energy listeners can feel.

Our old dog needs to learn new tricks2021-09-21T21:29:02-07:00

This is one of the most common issues at radio stations today. Thousands of shows are relying on old tactics that stopped working years ago.

Change is scary, particularly for veteran personalities that have had success performing a certain way. Adopting new ideas is hard, but growth is fun. Everyone wants to be better. If not, there’s another problem-and we can help with that, too.

Our team coaches personalities to learn new habits that replace old, worn-out techniques. We bring fresh, new ideas to replace tired content. And we do it while preserving the powerful appeal of popular performers that have built equity in the market.

Our team is awesome and we want to stay on top2021-09-27T16:41:48-07:00

Congratulations! You should be proud. And you should also be commended for investing in continued success.

Everyone needs a coach, including athletes, actors, and radio personalities. Our team has decades of experience helping personalities who have “made it”. Let us show you how to expand your brand, increase influence, and extend your run of domination.

We like where we are now and just want to get the team excited2021-09-27T16:41:38-07:00

Not a problem. Let’s talk about a group Boot Camp with interactive presentations and brainstorming. We will customize a presentation for a show, station, cluster, or entire company.