It was frustrating that after 19 years on-air in the market, I was basically starting over. But that’s what it took. We had to win each and every listener. Mike and Tracy changed how we approached the show.

Matt O'Neill, Host, JACK-FM/Calgary

Tracy and Mike are truly invested in Matt and Sarah’s success. They take the time to understand the brand, the personalities and what it takes to win in Calgary. Then they bring amazing creative application and guidance.

Corbet Rutzer, Program Director, JACK-FM/Calgary

The Challenge

Rogers Media’s Jack-FM/Calgary enjoyed years of success as one of the original Variety Hits stations, However, the station had fallen into difficult times. The revitalization leaned heavily on Jack’s morning show, Matt & Sarah. Both are interesting personalities but had never worked together. Once we defined their character traits and roles, the show started to come together. That’s when the hard work started.

The Process

We tweaked the show’s content and presentation, which broadened the show to appeal to  non-P1 listeners. Then we laser-focused on teasing more effectively and often. To top it off, Program Director Corbet Rutzer launched a terrific show-centric promotion, Matt & Sarah’s $10,000 Jokepot, which highlighted their sense of humor and added fuel to the rocket. It was the perfect personality-oriented promotion for this team at just the right time.

The Growth

Over 18 months, even through challenges presented by disrupted listening (Covid), Matt and Sarah leaped from #10 to Top 3, fueled by their quirky sense of humor, heart for the audience, and love of Calgary. The show has worked hard every day and continues to grow. Our weekly coaching calls review performance and even more importantly, focus on creative ideas that fit their unique personalities and sparkle on the air.