We were so ready to win but the dynamic inside the room just wasn’t right. Michele and I were hungry for more. Tracy and Mike found the perfect fit for our team.

Ashley Adams, Cohost, B97.5/Knoxville

B97.5 is a well-established brand that relied on at-work listening. But we knew there was opportunity to build a morning show that supported the station’s position and created another reason to listen. Mike and Tracy brought the recipe and we couldn’t be happier with the dish!

Shane Cox, Program Director, B97.5/Knoxville

The Challenge

B97.5/Knoxville dominated the Adult 25-54 audience during the workday. But the station struggled to keep up before 10 am. The show featured Ashley Adams and Michele Silva, highly talented cohosts that were well known in the market. But there was a missing element. We needed a host that could bring the whole show together. We recruited Roger Todd and started building chemistry.

The Process

We started with a detailed character profile for each personality to help the show get to know one another. This process is key to a personality strategy. Ashley and Michele came “alive” on the air. And Todd embraced the show’s well-established show features while injecting enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

The Growth

Casting the right personalities in the right roles can make or break a show. This was the key that unlocked the B97.5’s morning show’s potential share. The show continues to grow, complementing the station’s strong at-work ratings and building another reason for listeners to become fans.