Ratings go up and ratings go down. But personalities that truly connect with listeners are like a kevlar vest when everyone else is shooting at you. We couldn’t be happier with the regular, subtle evolution of the show. And Tracy Johnson has been a big part of that success.

Cadillac Jack McCartney, VP/Programming

I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m drawn to personality radio because it’s an opportunity to make a difference every day. We are still the same GetUp Crew, but there are more reasons to listen and love us now.

Pebbles, Cohost, Hot 96.9/Boston

We knew we had a good show. Our research told us that. But we wanted to turn this show into a destination. We turned to Tracy for help to keep the show relevant and moving forward.

Scott Morello, Program Director, Hot 96.9/Boston

I remember when Tracy took us through his character profile exercise, then showed us how to use the traits to tell better stories. It was like turning on a switch inside and I have never felt more comfortable and confident on the air.

Melissa, Cohost, Hot 96.9/Boston

The Challenge

Beasley Media’s Hot 96.9/Boston is a well-established station in a very competitive market. A key weapon in their battle is the GetUp Crew featuring Ramiro, Pebbles, & Melissa. The show was already well-established and exceptionally well-cast, with interesting personalities. This patient didn’t need reconstructive surgery. But it did need maintenance and guidance to expand its appeal beyond just being a fun, often funny show with an outstanding signature feature, Second Date Update. The goal: Build more reasons to listen in all quarter-hours of the show.


The Process

To create open breaks, we reformatted two information-based features. The Entertainment Report (The Juice) was repackaged as part of Hot And Trending, an hourly information/discussion segment. Then we went to work on telling stories to be more memorable.


The Growth

Staying fresh and relevant is one of the greatest challenges for shows. But the GetUp Crew has worked to expand their appeal by exposing character traits through performance. As they learned to turn up the volume in teasing, storytelling, and banter, more memorable moments have emerged. As a result, The GetUp Crew is better than ever, provoking strong audience reactions with creative personal storytelling and great execution.