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Storytelling 2.0…

A well told story stays told, but poorly told stories are never really heard.

At the heart of nearly every brand’s success is the ability to tell a story. Some folks are naturally great storytellers, while others have to work at it a little more.

In this presentation, Tracy Johnson shares the step by step process to tell stories that are heard, remembered and shared.


  • The 7 most powerful words on the radio
  • A lesson from Tommy Chong that will make you a better broadcaster
  • Why using lists on the air is a big mistake
  • How to apply the 3 E’s of Entertainment on your show
  • Which details to put in and which to leave out
  • The difference between topics and stories
  • How to hijack a topic to make it your own story
  • The #1 mistake personalities make when telling stories
  • How to tell stories to extend TSL

NOTE: This presentation builds on: Storytelling Basics: Story Structure. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to do so before this one.

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Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

For more than 30 years, Johnson has been developing on-air superstars that attract fans, retain audiences and generate revenue.

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Here's what the radio industry says about Tracy Johnson Media Group.

Rick Morton

Rick Morton
Air Personality, Z90
San Diego

“Tracy is the Steve Jobs of radio. His ability to truly know how a listener experiences radio is unmatched.”

Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe
Producer, Roula & Ryan

I love your website and material. What amazing stuff.

Jeff Dauler

Jeff Dauler
Air Personality, Star 94.1

Tracy's made me a better storyteller without bruising my pretty sensitive ego. No small feat. A consultant that I actually look forward to speaking with. Also no small feat.