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Show Prep: The Missing Link Seminar on Demand


Personalities must evolve from being a Hunter/Gatherer to an entertaining storyteller. This seminar shows you how to mine unforgettable moments.


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Most radio personalities are great at tracking down content and gathering topics. But that is not preparation any more than going to a grocery store makes you a master chef.

What happens after topics have been identified? That’s where the show prep process bogs down. Find out how to turn topics into ideas and ideas into entertainment by getting to the heart of the most interesting part of every story.

I’ll show you where entertainment is hidden. Hint: It’s the relatable part of a topic that’s stuck inside relevant information.

The seminar is packed with simple real-world examples of how to brainstorm topics into entertainment. There’s even an example of how to brainstorm multiple stories from one source.



How Most Personalities are Hunters 

  • Why it doesn’t work: Finding things to talk about on the air is the easy part.
  • I show you how to turn that information into entertainment.
  • Discover the truth: Why are you should spend 90% of show prep time on how not what.

Get More From Prep

  • Most shows are flat because they are working for the content. Turn that around!
  • Learn techniques to be more creative in turning topics into ideas…and entertainment.
  • The four types of stories…and how to choose what works best for you.

Tips To Go From Blah to Wow

  • Find amazing storylines that listeners can’t turn off.
  • Apply the tips to create Didja Hear moments on-air every single day.
  • Brainstorming story possibilities. You’ll have more content than you can ever perform!