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Christmas Programming Guide eBook

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Christmas Programming Guide eBook


Whether considering a flip to all-Christmas music or not, this guide helps programmers understand how to reflect the holiday season in a way that’s consistent with their core brand. Use it to energize and target your station’s efforts this holiday season and for years to come.


Every year, more and more stations flip to all Christmas music. In many markets, multiple stations battle it out to win the season. On the surface, it seems like a great idea. Radio stations that switch to all Christmas music usually win, at least in the short term. Further, those that have done it for a number of years usually see the greatest lift.

Should your station go all Christmas? Maybe. Maybe not. As in most things, there are many factors to take into consideration. But whether you decide to go all-in with Christmas or seek to simply reflect listener values at a special and meaningful time of the year, a different and unique approach to programming and promotion is required.

That’s what this Christmas programming eBook is for. Use it to energize and target your station’s efforts this holiday season and for years to come.


  • Making the decision to switch to all-Christmas music…or not. And if you do flip, when?
  • Analysis of ratings growth from Christmas programming.
  • How to turn Christmas programming into a cume-building marketing tool.
  • How to find the right songs that fit your station brand.
  • Building a holiday sound and emotional appeal between the songs.
  • The importance of radio personalities and imaging to enhance the mood during the holiday season.
  • The best promotions to enhance your brand during Holidays programming.
  • Tactics to maintain momentum after Christmas and into the new year.
  • A library of ideas and topics to use on your station.