Talent Coaching

We Develop On-Air Superstars

One size does not fit all.
We work with each talent to bring out the best in their abilities. We tailor our services to your station, your show and your talent.

Positive Coaching

Most talent coaches and consultants seem to think they have to find problems to correct. We identify and build on strengths, putting each personality in a position to win!

Personal Involvement

We are as active and involved as you will allow/want us to be, and work closely with management and talent. There’s no such thing as using us too much. We want to be involved!

Comprehensive Services

We listen, coach, guide, direct, suggest and inspire great performance from start to finish, including Strategy, Planning, Performance, and Promotion.

Radio Station Owners

Operating a radio station or group is more difficult than ever. Ad budgets are under pressure, as dollars shift to new media. Why should you invest your shrinking operating budget in coaching talent?

Great talent is a difference-maker.

Music formats and information are commodities that can be easily copied by competitors or delivered by digital competitors.

Great talent sets you apart. It an’t be duplicated or replaced. Talent creates listener bonds. And that increases property value.

Investing in TJMG to coach your talent delivers a return on investment greater than advertising, promotion and research combined.

How much is your station worth?

Radio Station Managers

You have a lot on your plate. So does your program director. There’s just not enough time in the day to manage every detail the way you’d like…or should.

Working with talent is one of the most important aspects of your job, but the important is often pushed aside to make way for the urgent.

That’s where we come in. We work directly with managers, programmers and talent to enhance performance. And that translates directly into profits.

Top performing personalities allow stations to charge higher rates and attract a larger share of advertising budgets. Why?

Because great personalities deliver ad results.

Great morning shows generate up to 60% of top-performing station’s advertising revenue. We build great morning shows. It’s a small investment in your success.

Unlock new reenue. Reach your budget.

Program Directors

Do you have a new show trying to make their mark on your station, in your market?

Do you have a show that has potential but isn’t cutting through?

Or do you have a show that needs a fresh approach with new ideas?

Are you out of ideas? Do you not know where to start or where to turn?

How do you inspire air talent? How can you get them to listen? How do you get their attention without being confrontational?

We are an extension of your programming team, applying your philosophies, policies and guidance to inspire audience-building excellence.

Great Performance = Top Ratings.

And that turns into big bonus checks. We can help. It’s what we do.

Radio Personalities

Are you stuck in a rut? You know you have “it” but aren’t fulfilling your potential? You know you can be great, but just not getting to that proverbial “next level”?

Are you frustrated with format restrictions? Out of ideas?

Maybe you’re not getting coaching and feedback from your company, station or management. Or maybe you’re getting the wrong input.

That’s where we come in. If you’re not getting better, you’re falling behind.

It’s your career. Invest in it.

Contact us for details on talent-direct discounts.

Tight budget? A barter option is now available in most markets. Call (858) 472-3546 to get started!

Services Offered

Ongoing Consultation

The best value, and most effective relationship is a monthly retainer with unlimited access to advice, coaching, feedback and input and up to four in-market visits/year.

One-Time Projects

Full assessment, with analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Includes detailed report with detailed strategy for growth. Start with a project and apply cost to an upgrade to consultation.

In-Market Workshops

Ideal for company meetings, retreats or group training sessions. These 1-3 day visits include detailed and customized training customized for your needs.

Video Conferencing Workshops

Like the idea of company workshops but can’t afford the cost of travel to bring everyone together in-person? We can do it online with video conferences.

Air Check Critique

We evaluate one full show, offering feedback and critique in a telephone/skype/video session. Perfect for talent or stations that need a quick analysis of their show on a budget.

Demo Critique

Are you looking for your next gig and want to insure you are marketing yourself properly? We review your materials, offering guidance to get the best gig possible.

All clients receive full access to Insiders Radio Network, including monthly webinars and thousands of exclusive videos on demand, ideas and detailed input.

What our clients say:

Cal Cagno

Cal Cagno
Air Personality, 89X

Tracy uses his experience to make on-air talent shine by building on the strengths each personality brings to the table, which makes him a great partner to take a show to the next level.

Jonny Holly & Nira

Jonny Holly & Nira
Air Personalities, Virgin Radio

Tracy has a way of helping shows create an amazing dynamic by understanding every player on the team and highlighting each other. He has brought out the best in us by helping us be more playful, vulnerable and self-deprecating.

Erin Davis

Erin Davis
Morning Personality, QMFM

Thank you for making the Nat and Drew show a better show. And thanks for all the great tips, advice and support you give me.