Winning Features & How To Use Them eBook


The fastest way to grow a radio audience by offering a specific, promotable reason to tune in at exact times. This eBook shows you how to find features that fit your personality, and how to perform them to deliver repeat tune-in occasions.


The fastest way to grow a radio audience by offering a specific, promotable reason to tune in at exact times. This 34-page eBook includes everything you need to find features that fit your personality and perform them to deliver can’t miss, ratings-driving, tune-in occasions. Follow the principles in this guide to program and perform features that attract an audience so they can become fans of your personality.


  • Why features work. Discover the amazing leverage a strong feature provides radio shows.
  • The science of why strong features work.
  • How great daily features are a content container for personality…far more than just childproofing a radio show.
  • How many, how often, and when to program and promote a feature so the audience actually hears it and can begin loving it. I show you the math!
  • Should you lock in features at set times or float them through different times?
  • Best practices for marketing and promoting features both on and off the air.
  • When to replace a feature with a new one by managing them the Disney way.
  • Find Your Features: Get a library of our best, most recommended features. Nearly every personality will find something that works.
  • How to Implement and Execute: Personalities should never work for features. Instead, make features work for you by developing each as a mini-brand.
  • Proven strategies to drive tune-in occasions, expand your audience, and make each feature famous.

Storytelling Basics eBook
Webinar, $19.00

Become a better radio performer by learning to construct segments with the fundamentals of storytelling. This powerful, 40-page eBook is easy to read but loaded with information you'll use forever. It shows how great personalities construct content to captivate, inspire, and activate listeners. Apply these concepts to make every on-air segment come alive with entertainment.  

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