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Ultimate Guide to Solo Shows Seminar


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Are you on the air alone? There are special challenges in getting a personality to be themselves and connect with listeners when performing without a partner. Most coaches, consultants, and success stories are about team shows. But you don’t need partners to build a personality brand. still, performing on solo shows is different. It’s not worse, just different.

Finally, there’s a seminar that gives you the tools to compete even if you’re on by yourself. The Ultimate Guide to Solo Shows seminar shows you how a solo show can be an advantage, including the keys to turning up the volume on personality even without anyone else in the studio to talk to.

It’s loaded with examples from radio legends who made a career from being solo performers and gives you practical ideas and tips on how to have conversations on solo shows.

Find out how to apply personality on a one-person show.

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Shows Seminar Highlights

Adjust Your Thinking and Find Your Focus!

  • Why a solo show can be an advantage, not a barrier.
  • Developing a laser focus to carve out a personality brand niche.
  • The essential ingredient for every solo show – it’s a must-have attribute.

How To Pour Personality Into Everything You Do

  • Tips and tricks so character oozes out of you…every time the mic is on.
  • How to learn to sound conversational, even when only talking to yourself.
  • The one skill every solo performer must have to succeed as a personality.
  • Key ways to power pack your point of view.

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

  • How to develop a cast of characters to be your partners.
  • Using technology as a tool to help solo performers.
  • Mistakes solo personalities make-and how to avoid them.

What They Say About This Seminar

Your webinars are awesome! I’m on middays but am working so hard to find new ways to connect with listeners. This is just what I needed. -Katherine Dines, Air Personality

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