Treat Them Like Dogs Seminar

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Treat Them Like Dogs Seminar



Discover the secrets of how to manage radio personalities without long, boring meetings and confrontations that suck the energy and fun out of the job.

Air personalities make radio special, and managing them demands special skills. Tracy Johnson shows you how coaching radio superstars is like training a puppy. And it’s a skill every broadcaster can learn.

Seminar Highlights

  • Evidence that radio personalities are not being properly trained or coached. 1:38
  • Personalities learn at their own pace. 3:40
  • Air Talent (and all humans) respond best to praise 6:58
  • The importance of clear, simple, direct feedback. 11:55
  • What to do when there are accidents (They’re going to pee on the floor). 15:15
  • Establish rules. Coach guidelines. 17:16
  • How to use the leash…and when to let them run free. 22:37
  • Know your dog: coach to his/her potential 24:42
  • Learning inspires dogs and personalities, so be consistent and inspire growth. 25:49
  • How to teach old dogs new tricks. 29:42
  • The ACE coaching method. 31:40 Work hard. But play harder.
  • Dogs love car rides! 34:44
  • 3 bonus coaching tips. 35:44