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Treat Them Like Dogs eBook


Working with talent is a lot like raising a puppy. Learn the methods to train, coach, and inspire great performances from air personalities. Every programmer should adopt the principles in this book to help their station sparkle.

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Managing encouraging, and coaching highly talented radio personalities is hard. Inspiring great performances is the most important skill a program director can have. Air talent makes radio special. And they drive managers crazy. That’s why it takes coaches with special skills to get the most from high-potential, volatile individuals.

But most programmers don’t have those skills naturally, and there’s little training available. In my career, I’ve found that managing radio personalities is fun. It’s the most rewarding part of coming to the radio station each day. Working with talent is a lot like raising a puppy. In this eBook, you’ll learn the methods I’ve used to train, coach, and inspire thousands of great air personalities. They need you, their coach, to become the best they can be.


  • The critical first decision: Do you really want a dog? And what kind do you want?
  • The ACE method of coaching personalities with feedback for a positive relationship.
  • What to do about personalities who don’t want to be coached.
  • Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Yes, but the coaching technique is quite different.
  • How to build a positive, trusted relationship between talent coach (PD) and air personalities.
  • How to deal with personalities when problems develop without demoralizing talent or causing hurt feelings.
  • The difference between correcting, critiquing, and coaching. And why coaching should be your go-to approach.
  • Keys to providing feedback that builds confidence and improved performance.
  • How to adjust your approach for individual personality types.
  • When to back off and when to push them forward.
  • What managers should do to correct bad behavior without crushing the spirit.