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Top Of Mind Awareness Seminar



Radio is at a crossroads, and the biggest enemy is Top Of Mind Awareness. The medium is in a  battle for its place in the media landscape and broadcasters must take immediate action.

This is the single most important thing for radio’s survival. Top Of Mind Awareness for radio brands is at an all-time low and we must take immediate action to make our station and personality brands more exciting.

New evidence shows that radio’s position in the battle for presence with listeners is rapidly declining. It’s time to take action now before it’s too late.

Seminar Highlights

  • The TOMA Problem…And what to do about it.
  • The threat is at a crisis level, and this new research should freak you out.
  • The threat you knew was real, but have underestimated.
  • The Leaky Bucket…and what you can do to fix it.
  • Specific steps to take now to pick a battle you can win.

What They Say

I love this. Thank you for your passion and wisdom. It’s great to learn from you, Tracy.”   -Lara Thomas

A big thank you for consistently educating and working to help all of us be better and not gloss over the key fundamentals! This seminar delivers the situation and challenges (real-life people forget, just don’t think about you that much and life gets in the way so tuning out is a casualty to that), as well as action items to turn those into opportunities to grow listening and fans…right now! I particularly loved the ratings are important but don’t play that exclusively…build more fans and in turn that builds the brand.      -Catherine Jung

Just a quick note to salute your excellent webinar about Top Of Mind Awareness. Loved your “leaky bucket” theory.  -Todd Wallace

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