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The Perfect Morning Show Clock Seminar


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Clock structure is hard and building the perfect morning show clock is a confusing puzzle that frustrates many programmers. This most asked-for seminar takes the mystery out of the process. You’ll learn how to place stop sets, when and where to schedule features, build talk break opportunities, and finally understand how to decide how much music to play on your station.

Find out how to construct an effective, winning morning show clock for the maximum audience and rating results. The concepts apply to all formats, personalities, and rating methodologies.

Clocks may not be as much fun as building the content, but it’s just as important to invest time in getting the science right! This practical guide to building a morning show clock will have you on the path to a consistent, balanced, and growing radio show with a foundation that can sustain any personality presence for years.

The Perfect Morning Show Clock Seminar Highlights

How To Find Balance That Delivers Expectations-And Surprise

  • Find out how to ensure listeners get what they expect each time they tune in.
  • Where to play those #%!$ commercials!
  • How often (and where) to program information elements.

How to Design Clocks For Maximum Personality

  • Where to build talk breaks that take advantage of each opportunity to entertain.
  • How much should you talk? How many breaks?
  • Build a clock that evolves as the talent grows.

Ratings Strategies and Considerations

  • Should you counter-program against other stations?
  • How does a clock change for PPM vs. Diary?
  • I have a big benchmark feature: Where should it go?

What They Say About This Seminar

I enjoyed the “Build The Perfect Morning Show Clock” webinar. I found it very informational and helpful with my programming

-Steve Fama, Programmer

This seminar is spectacular. Thanks for all you do. It’s an honor to learn from you!

-Mike Somerville, Programmer

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