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Take Charge Of Your Future Seminar On Demand


Personalities and programmers can thrive in challenging times by taking charge of their future. Find out how to recapture the excitement of creativity and use your skills to secure a brighter future.


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A career in radio has never been more uncertain. Companies continue to cut budgets to the bone. But personalities and programmers have marketable skills that are very much in demand. This seminar shows you how to use those skills to build a brand that could lead to a much brighter tomorrow.

It features ideas for programmers to generate new non-spot revenue without compromising programming integrity and an ingenious idea for free marketing and promotion that delivers cash to the bottom line!

For personalities, I share tips on how to build a multi-media profile in local communities and online. There are dozens of ways to apply your performance skills. Find out how in the seminar.

And, get the lowdown that every personality should be doing now to build an audience. Take Charge Of Your Future now!


Actionable Steps To Take Now For A Better Tomorrow

  • Find new opportunities using your skills in new, marketable ways.
  • Take your career into your own hands without depending on your station or company.
  • You have what brands need! Uncover new sources of income with these ideas.

Market Yourself! Don’t Just Wait And Hope!

  • Win that on-air gig you want by marketing yourself!
  • Immediate steps to take if you’ve been “downsized” – or are worried about budget cuts.
  • How to shape your future instead of waiting for someone to shape it for you!
  • Where To Invest Time and Resources Into Your Future

Rediscover the excitement of creativity.

  • How to break out of a creative slump and start moving forward.
  • Tips for every personality (and programmer) to build a personal brand.