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Storytelling Basics Seminar on Demand


Storytelling is the single most important thing for air personalities to master. Learn the fundamental steps of telling stories that keep listeners glued to the radio.


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Everything that happens on-air revolves around a central, fundamental skill: storytelling. It’s the single most important thing for air personalities to master. In this seminar, discover and apply the key steps of telling stories from end to end. These principles will help you develop content that keeps listeners glued to the radio.

Some people are natural storytellers. Others have to work hard to become proficient. This seminar will shine a new light on how personalities perform segments. I break down the anatomy of a story as defined by some of the world’s best storytellers, from Aaron Sorkin to Pixar, and apply the principles to radio performers.

The workshop exercise will challenge you to identify the key elements of airchecks of radio shows. Some things they do well. Some could improve.

And, you’ll get next step details on how to practice becoming a better storyteller off-air so the skills come alive on-air.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran air personality, this seminar will put you on the path to becoming a master storyteller.


The Structure of Stories

  • The key elements that make good stories great. And how to get them into your show.
  • Details on each of the 5 parts of every story: Hook – Set Up – Dress Up – Pay Off – Black Out
  • The two most important parts of a story: Get these right and the rest will take care of itself.
  • Examples that showcase the essential ingredients every story must have to be successful.

Aaron Sorkin’s formula for building drama and suspense into every story.

  • This simple technique will make your stories more colorful…like magic!
  • The #1 reason storytellers fail. Spoiler Alert: It’s accidentally giving away the ending!
  • How to apply the three P’s of Storytelling that will make you a more effective communicator.

Storytelling Workshop

  • Watch the workshop to hear storytelling examples and see how to improve stories.
  • Identify what personalities are doing right – and wrong!
  • And, watch the special video demonstration of storytelling from Modern Family you’ll never forget.