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Storytelling Basics eBook


Become a better radio performer by learning to construct segments with the fundamentals of storytelling. This powerful, 40-page eBook is easy to read but loaded with information you’ll use forever. It shows how great personalities construct content to captivate, inspire, and activate listeners. Apply these concepts to make every on-air segment come alive with entertainment.


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Storytelling is the single greatest skill for radio personalities to master. It’s what separates DJs from compelling entertainers that capture and hold audiences. The ability to tell stories comes naturally for some. For the rest, training is necessary. Learn the fundamentals of telling stories on-air in Storytelling Basics.

Understanding how stories are structured and performed can transform ordinary content into exciting, unforgettable moments. Study the strategies and techniques. Then start applying them to your show every day. The changes could be valuable steps to advance your career.


  • How stories are the most important method for connecting to human beings.
  • The difference between topics and stories…and why stories are hard!
  • The Basics: Find out what stories must have to connect with listeners.
  • The Aaron Sorkin method of telling stories applied to radio shows.
  • 4 important things every story needs to be successful.
  • Learn Storytelling Anatomy, the foundation of powerful radio performances. Your show will never be the same!
  • The storytelling Rule Of 3 that works like a magic trick that keeps the audience leaning in.
  • The 5 Storytelling Steps: Apply these principles to execute a successful Hook, Set Up, Dress Up, Pay Off, and Black Out.
  • Telling Stories in 4D: Inject energy in breaks with Details, Dialogue, Drama, and Delayed Resolution to drive great stories on the air.
  • How to develop – or polish – your skills to become a better storyteller.
  • These 3 P’s are key to every storyteller’s success.