Recycling: Get The Most From Your Best eBook

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Recycling: Get The Most From Your Best eBook


The secret to longer TSL is doing…less! It’s true! This guide to recycling will change how you program a radio show. Get the proven strategy and tactics of recycling great content to generate higher ratings.

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In a competitive media environment, premium content is more important than ever. Radio personalities simply can’t afford to deliver average material. It has to stand out.

Generating more “A” content is how you switch on the power of your personality. If more breaks featured great moments that listeners talk about, your show would be better and ratings would be higher. Right? It’s logical.

This ebook explains how to do it with a strategic and tactical guide to recycling content. It probes both the science behind recycling-when and how much-along with the art of extracting the most value from the best content. Use it to develop a system to program and manage every break on the show!


  • How to re-use premium material and expose it more often without being redundant.
  • The science behind listening patterns that help you identify how much and how often to recycle.
  • Details on various forms of the recycling strategy including repeating, repurposing, reperforming, and repackaging.
  • Proven methods that generate higher ratings and more attention…time after time.
  • Why eliminating 1/3 of the original content produced makes a better show.
  • Learn to be more topical by mining the best topics with unique angles to improve audience retention and relevance.