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Prepare Tight Perform Loose Seminar


Radio personalities can apply improvisational skills to become better performers. Find out how to be more spontaneous and unpredictable without having on-air train wrecks.


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Most radio personalities fall into one of two categories: Those who plan every detail, removing natural reactions and surprise from their performance, and those that launch a segment hoping their skills will lead to something magical happening. Prepare Tight Perform Loose shows radio shows how to be deeply prepared for anything that might happen and have spontaneous responses.

Whether you’re a team show with multiple personalities involved or a solo show that interacts with listeners, this seminar will help you create surprising moments on the radio.

Radio Personality and Improv Pro Andrea Duffy join Tracy Johnson to demonstrate how her experience on-stage translates on-air. Andrea’s quick wit and likable good nature radiate through the seminar as she shows how to advance a topic or story.

Prepare Tight Perform Loose could be the key that unlocks your potential to find new skills you didn’t know you had. This could be that light-bulb moment for your career.

Prepare Tight Perform Loose Highlights

It’s Possible to Be Over-Prepared But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Just Wing it!

  • Even the most spontaneous improvisational performers are deeply prepped!
  • Find out how pros like Tina Fey and Aaron Rodgers (yes, the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers) prep.
  • Learn what it means to be properly prepared for anything…and still be surprised on-air.

Improv Skills For On-Air Excellence

  • Personality and Improv Pro Andrea Duffy shares key skills every personality should have.
  • Find out how to develop your skills to advance conversations and produce amazing moments on-air.
  • Discover fun games and easy exercises to help get “in the performance zone”.

Turn Performance Into Play!

  • Learn how these improv skills can help your personal and team brand become more likable.
  • Create funny moments on the air without really trying by raising the stakes.
  • Get the cheat sheet of tips and tricks to start working on today!

What They Say

“This seminar is one of the best I’ve ever seen…Andrea is great, the improv tips are fantastic. I’m someone who absolutely hates announcers saying “I didn’t tell X because I wanted their honest reaction”. It was great to see that reinforced.” -Dan Wylie, VP/Programming, Blackburn Radio

Free Bonus: Question and Answer Session From This Seminar