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Powerful Language Seminar


Learn how radio personalities can communicate more effectively, provoke a greater response, and inspire audiences with simple adjustments to speech patterns. Apply these principles for a more entertaining, colorful performance.

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Winning personality radio depends on the ability to attract audiences, connect with them emotionally, and relate to listeners on a one-to-one basis. This seminar trains personalities to be more compelling by making simple speech adjustments.

You’ll learn how to get breaks off to a fast start with inclusive (rather than exclusive) hooks, connect make stronger connections by learning the “about you” principle, and how qualified statements may be great for personal relationships but kill radio personality!

You’ll be able to apply the principles to your next show. Suddenly, weak statements become strong. Bland statements become interesting. And ordinary “who cares” comments will be intriguing.

This action-packed, example-filled seminar is loaded with information that will pay off on-air (and off) for the rest of your career.



Change Your Words…Change Your Impact

  • Discover the keys to choosing words that cause listeners to care about content.
  • Revealed: The 12 most dangerous words in the English language.
  • Find out how to cure a dangerous “language disease” that will make stories more relatable.
  • The danger of using pronouns…and how to strengthen language by avoiding them.


The Most Common Communication Killers

  • Make this one adjustment and hear how everything changes immediately.
  • Why listeners aren’t responding to you’re personal stories-and how to fix it.
  • The key to turning internal, self-absorbed chatter into relatable, inclusive conversations.


5 Steps to Improving Language Skills

  • Start using these easy-to-apply air check techniques. they that actually work.
  • Learn to turn weak comments into strong, provocative statements that cause listeners to react.
  • Tips and techniques to power every aspect of radio station communication.

What They Say

“I love the seminar. I would love to be proud of every second of every break in the show and improving my Powerful Language is one way I can improve. Please keep the great stuff coming.” – Dave Mason, Air Personality & Programmer.

“The Powerful Language webinar was helpful. I like that you addressed how in everyday conversation, ‘I feel…’ and ‘I think…’ is polite and expected. But on-air, it sounds self-centered. Grabbing listener attention by throwing something out there in a strong statement is another useful tool I’ll be applying to my shows.”   -Megan Gibson, Air Personality