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Personality Success Path Seminar


Radio personalities can build a loyal fanbase only by advancing through the stages of a relationship with listeners. Learn how to navigate the 5 Stages of Growth.

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Becoming a legendary radio personality doesn’t happen overnight. Before listeners can fall in love with you, they must first like you. And before they like you, they must get to know you. And for that to happen, you must be introduced.

It’s just like building a personal relationship! I call it Romancing The Audience.

This seminar takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, with actionable guidelines for each of the 5 Stages of Air Talent Growth:

Stage 1: Introduction

Stage 2: Familiarity

Stage 3: Growth

Stage 4: Like

Stage 5: Love

Find out how to identify the stage you’re in now and how to adjust performance to excel in each of the 5 stages of growth.


Find Out How Winning Listeners Is Just Like Romance

  • Learn why and how performance on the air should change as the relationship with the audience grows.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes in Stage 1 (Introduction) and 2 (Familiarity)
  • Follow these tips to become known, then liked, and ultimately, loved!
Detailing Each of the 5 Stages of Growth
  • How to perform in each stage: Introduction-Familiarity-Growth-Like-Love.
  • Get the keys to success – and know what to avoid – in each stage.
  • The most important step: How to identify which stage you are in now!

Advancing Through the 5 Stages

  • Why many personalities are stuck in Stages 1 – 2…and how to get un-stuck and on your way.
  • Tips to accelerate growth, especially through the early stages.
  • How to reach the goal of falling in love with and marrying the audience – and living happily ever after.

What They Say

“Tracy believes the host CAN be the biggest reason for a listener to tune into the station. I was taught the opposite. Hearing this from Tracy gives me a lot of motivation.” -Mike Donaldson, Air Personality

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