Morning Radio Revisited eBook


Morning Radio Revisited is radio’s best programming guide for inspiring and developing on-air superstars. This is the book with the secret sauce that has helped thousands of personalities and programmers worldwide navigate the choppy waters of high-profile performance on the air.


Radio’s most important resource is air talent capable of attracting and leading a community of devoted listeners. Morning Radio Revisited inspires programmers and personalities with tools to build connections to fans.

Designing winning radio shows is a familiar process. Consistent attention to basics combined with passion, inspiration, creativity, hard work, patience, and an understanding of the audience will produce great results.

I’ve faced virtually all personality challenges in the radio industry. I’ve built new shows from scratch, assembled teams to challenge the market leader, and created unconventional approaches. I recruited Jeff & Jer to cross the street (twice) and each time elevated their show to new heights. Each success and failure produces a lesson, and the biggest is this:

There is no single formula that ensures success. My hope is that you will be inspired to find your own unique formula that drives your career.

Morning Radio Revisited is a programming guide to develop on-air superstars. This is the book with the secret sauce that has helped thousands of personalities and programmers worldwide navigate the choppy waters of high-profile performance on the air.


  • The value of high-profile, difference-making personalities cannot be over-stated. Discover the value that will make you think you’re under-paying or over-paying your show.
  • The dramatic difference between the talent that is simply “good” and those that are truly great.
  • How program directors can become coaches that facilitate growth rather than bosses that stifle creativity.
  • Key ingredients to build a partnership in the talent/coach relationship.
  • These essential tools must be in place for a radio show to win.
  • Traits of winning radio shows and how to develop skills that build those traits.
  • How to apply research effectively.
  • The importance of identifying a strategy with a defined mission statement and full character profiles.
  • How to develop a show prep plan that develops unique content.
  • The key to personality radio: Emotional connections.
  • How to evaluate personalities without crushing their spirit.


This is the best book I’ve read about radio… PERIOD. Everyone involved with creating personality radio should get this book.  -Scott Shannon, Program Director & Air Personality

Morning Radio Revisited is a great resource for me as a programmer. I use it to explain ideas to talent.  -Tim Murphy, Program Director.

Get a copy of this book for EACH and EVERY air personality on your station. And don’t forget the producers and support staff. Tracy has managed to identify exactly what it takes to win!  -Greg Simms, Air Personality

Morning Radio Revisited should be required reading for anyone doing personality radio-and anyone who wants to.  -Jeff Detrow, Air Personality

I have never seen such a strong ‘how to get there’ guide about show and personality development.  -Robin Haggar, Program Director

I just read the book again. The only thing I can’t figure out is why Tracy is giving away a million dollars worth of secrets for so cheap.          -George Johns, Legendary Programmer and Consultant

Tracy, all I can say is WOW, you’ve really nailed it again with Morning Radio Revisited. Congratulations. It’s a great resource for everyone in the business.  -Todd Wallace, Consultant

We’ve read the Morning Radio books three times and each time we find something new. It should be mandatory reading for everyone involved with a show.   JohnJay & Rich, Air Personalities

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