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Mastering The Set Up Seminar


Introducing “Mastering The Setup,” the ultimate on-demand video seminar designed to help radio personalities captivate their audiences from the very first lines. Expert radio personality coach Tracy Johnson guides you through the critical art of crafting the perfect Setup, transforming ordinary radio segments into unforgettable experiences for your listeners. With engaging examples, interactive exercises, and practical tips, this comprehensive program will provide you with the tools to inject your unique personality into every break, ensuring your show stands out from the crowd and keeps your audience hooked from start to finish.


Transform your radio show with the captivating power of a perfect Setup. “Mastering The Setup” is an exclusive, immersive, and engaging on-demand video seminar designed for radio personalities who are determined to capture their audience’s attention from the very first words. With expert guidance from renowned radio personality coach Tracy Johnson, this in-depth program will revolutionize the way you approach every talk segment.

Mastering The Setup: The Gateway To Unforgettable Radio Segments

The difference between a forgettable and an unforgettable radio segment often comes down to the first three lines – The Setup. It’s the critical foundation that sets the tone and direction for your entire break. If your audience isn’t hooked from the beginning, the rest of your talk segment might as well not exist. Mastering The Setup ensures that your listeners stay engaged, excited, and eager for more.

In this comprehensive seminar, Tracy Johnson breaks down the art and science of crafting the perfect Setup, providing you with the tools and techniques needed to inject your unique personality into every break. With a wealth of examples, interactive exercises, and actionable tips, “Mastering The Setup” is the essential guide for radio personalities seeking to elevate their on-air presence.

Highlights: Unlock the Secrets of Radio Success

  • Discover the transformative power of a two-word phrase that separates ordinary radio segments from those that leave a lasting impact on your audience.
  • Uncover Jerry Seinfeld’s secret recipe for compelling punchlines, and learn how to adapt it to create winning Pay Offs for your radio show.
  • Master the three essential components of a great Setup:
    • Set the Topic
    • Inject It With Attitude
    • Add a Premise.
  • Dive deep into each component with detailed explanations and real-life examples.
  • Learn from actual case studies where Tracy Johnson analyzes both successful and unsuccessful Setups to help you understand the subtle nuances that make all the difference between a forgettable segment and one that resonates.
  • Learn to fix weak Setups and turn them into captivating hooks that will keep your listeners glued to their radios.
  • Utilize the comprehensive checklist to evaluate your own Setups, ensuring that you consistently craft strong, engaging, and impactful hooks.

You can start applying the concepts immediately by following the practical tips and tricks that will transform your show from day one.

Don’t let your radio show fade into the background. Stand out from the crowd with Tracy Johnson’s expert guidance and proven techniques in “Mastering The Setup”. Watch this seminar on-demand now to unlock the full potential of your on-air presence and start capturing your listener’s attention from the moment you turn on the microphone.


“Mastering The Setup was a game-changer for me! Tracy Johnson’s expertise and engaging teaching style made it easy to understand and implement the techniques.” – Mark T.

“This seminar is pure gold! This is such a comprehensive and practical guide to nailing the perfect Setup. Thank you, Tracy!” – Lisa S.

“The tips and tricks are so simple yet incredibly effective. I highly recommend it to all radio personalities.” – James R.

“The Mastering The Setup seminar has transformed the way I approach show prep. The examples make it easy to grasp and apply the concepts. This is a must-attend for anyone in radio!” – Karen M.

“As a radio newbie, I was struggling to figure out how to get into breaks. Mastering The Setup gave me the tools I needed to get me going in the right direction. Thank you!” – Tim L.

“The Mastering The Setup seminar was a fantastic investment. I can’t recommend this seminar enough!” – Susan D.

“I’ve been a fan of Tracy Johnson for years, and the Mastering The Setup seminar did not disappoint. It’s packed with valuable information and actionable tips.” – Mike H.

“This is hands down the best resource for radio personalities looking to up their game.” – Natalie G.

“This seminar has been a lifesaver! I was struggling to connect with my audience, but Mastering The Setup has given me the tools to Get listeners hooked and hopefully keep them hooked. Highly recommended!” – Steve P.

“My PD asked me what has changed on my show. I didn’t tell him. Then the Market Manager told me I’ve been sounding much better lately and said to keep it up. I’m getting more positive feedback than ever. All because I’ve learned to master the setup!” – Jenny L.

“It’s a fantastic seminar. Tracy’s insights and techniques have helped me a ton!” – Tony W.

“I’ve attended many of his seminars, but Mastering The Setup is by far Tracy’s best. Thank you!” – Alicia F.

“I thought I knew it all but this seminar has given me a new perspective and more than a couple of “aha” moments!” – Christine R.

“I never knew how crucial the Setup was until I saw this presentation. It’s changed the way I create content!” – Greg K.

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