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Mastering The Set Up Seminar



Radio personalities must capture the listener’s attention in the first three lines or the entire break will fail. The Mastering The Set Up Seminar explains and demonstrates exactly how to do it. Here’s what you get in this amazing new seminar:



The Set Up is the most critical time of every talk segment, and it’s the one area most radio shows just don’t understand well. Significant segments are ruined if nobody hears them, and they won’t hear them without a great Set Up.  able gateway to great performances. Tracy Johnson takes personalities through the critical moments of every talk segment: The first three lines. This in-depth seminar is loaded with examples and crystal-clear details to help your show learn how to get every segment off to a fast start.

At the end of this seminar, you’ll have the tools to inject more personality into every break! Tracy simplifies the mysterious process of creating powerful hooks and building a bridge to stories that pay off.

Seminar Highlights

  • The difference between an ordinary segment and one that engages and excites the audience comes down to a two-word phrase.
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s recipe for compelling punchlines is exactly what personalities need for winning Pay Offs.
  • The three components of a great Set Up: Set The Topic, Inject Some Attitude and Add A Premise. This seminar breaks down the keys to all three components in detail.
  • Dozens of examples of great Set Ups and bad ones to help you identify the difference.
  • Interactive exercises to fix a bad Set Up.
  • Tips and Tricks to start using this concept on your show immediately.
  • A checklist to know if you have a strong Set Up or one that needs work.