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Magical Moments Seminar



The media world has exploded with new entertainment choices. Consumers are overwhelmed with options, and it’s time for radio to change its focus from consistent execution to creating Magical Moments.

Tracy Johnson shows you the importance of creating Magical Moments that excite the audience, create talk, and elevate brands to being more Top Of Mind. This is more critical today than ever before.

Seminar Highlights

  • A sobering snapshot of radio’s place in the new media hierarchy (this is not pretty!).
  • Statistics that show our challenge: The explosion of new content in just the past few years.
  • Where radio listening takes place, and why that’s an ongoing challenge.
  • How listeners are tuning it to most radio shows.
  • The key to future (and current) success: Will listeners return?
  • The definition of Magical Moments and why it’s so critical to every station’s future.
  • Four ways to generate Magical Moments.
  • A formula to get started on executing this concept by focusing on a series of One Thing.
  • How to get outside traditional boxes and start to Make Radio Fun Again!
  • Three skills needed for your Magical Moments toolbox.