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It’s All About You Seminar


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It’s All About You Seminar Highlights

How Listeners Relate To Radio Personalities Today

  • The difference between being relatable and self-absorbed.
  • How to shine a spotlight on the audience and put all the attention on your show.
  • Why it’s so much harder to attract loyal listeners today.

The Secret Weapon To Level Up Your Personality

  • How to eliminate language that turns listeners OFF.
  • A simple adjustment that makes everything you say more important
  • How to tell personal stories without being self-absorbed.

Simple Adjustments To Start Using Tomorrow

  • Master these three concepts and fan-appeal will soar.
  • A simple success plan every show can follow.
  • The three most valuable characteristics to strive for.

Bonus 1: Question and Answer Session From This Seminar

Bonus 2: How to avoid being self-absorbed on the air video: