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It’s All About The Hook eBook


If a radio segment gets off to a slow start, listeners tune out. And if they tune out, they miss that great payoff you spent so much time prepping. This eBook shows you how to hold listeners with killer hooks!


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One thing can be the difference between an effective segment on-air and one that fails. Get the hook right and you’ll excite audiences, inspire conversation, and quarter-hours will grow. Get it wrong and listeners tune out or at least ignore you.

It’s not about the topic. Of course, topics are important. But they’re secondary. It’s not about a payoff. That’s important too. But if listeners lose attention early in the talk segment, the payoff is wasted.

It’s all about the hook. Find out what makes a strong opening line and learn the basics to energize content with powerful hooks. Mastering these principles will cause your show to come alive in more engaging, relatable, and repeatable ways.

  • A discussion of what makes a good hook…and what hooks are for.
  • The value of a strong opening line. Spoiler alert: It’s worth far more than you think!
  • Proof that bad hooks kill great content.
  • Examples of great hooks from strong radio personalities like DeDe In the Morning.
  • And examples of weak hooks with an explanation of why they fail.
  • Specific tips on how to craft a winning hook that draws attention.
  • How to navigate the high-risk zone of every content transition.
It’s All About The Hook was just the thing to give me a kick up the backside I need. I’ve had a great couple of days on air. Thanks!
      -Simon Clarke Air Personality