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Harvest Your Life eBook


Every air personality can learn to generate unique content by harvesting real-life experiences and observations and turning them into entertainment. This book shows you how to do it from start to finish.


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Great radio happens when talented radio personalities share experiences that can’t be duplicated. And the best source for unique content comes from personal life and observations. It’s true. Unless you live in a basement playing video games. That’s probably not a life that will lead to the top. But that’s another topic

The problem is that the idea of “living my life on the air” is the single biggest problem for personality-oriented radio shows because most shows don’t understand what that means. In this eBook, discover how to share real-life experiences to the air without being self-absorbed. You’ll learn the process of gathering material, turning it into ideas, and converting ideas into entertainment.

It’s a deeper, better way to prepare a radio show.


  • Daily magic on-air starts with constant attention off-air gathering and curating experiences.
  • Discover how to turn everyday observations into stories that can’t be duplicated!
  • How much time should be spent in prep? More than you think. But it doesn’t have to be boring.
  • A three-step process to generate dozens of original ideas to bring to the air every day.
  • The powerful TESOP method to gather, curate, and perform stories.
  • A simple method that creates buckets of content. 
  • How to stand and deliver! Take those ideas to the air.