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Guide To Better Interviews eBook


Become an expert in the art of radio interviews with this practical guide to get more entertainment from guests.

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Interviews are stories told by a guest, designed and prompted by an interviewer. The interviewer is actually the storyteller, managing a conversation so a story comes from the mouth of the guest. And that takes special skills, many of which are opposite the skills that make air personalities great storytellers.

Interviews are often a trouble spot in PPM. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Great interviews depend on the interviewer, not the guest.

Learn all you need to turn guests into great moments. And use the same techniques to draw more personality from listener phone calls.


  • The key to fixing most bad interviews comes down to this one thing.
  • A great interview has little to do with A-List guests, but with interesting people.
  • Tips from analyzing great interviewers like Jay Leno, Howard Stern, and Dan Patrick.
  • The keys to phrasing questions that lead to interesting responses.
  • Two simple tricks that can turn anyone into an effective interviewer.
  • Start every question with one of two words that cause guests to open up.
  • How to set up a guest for success by establishing expectations and planning for a great segment.
  • The most common interview mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • The key to turning forced interviews with advertisers into acceptable segments on-air.