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You have the ability, desire, personality, and work ethic. Now you need an opportunity. Get That Gig takes you through every aspect of chasing down and winning that dream job.


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You know you have the ability. Talent is not the issue. You have what it takes. You have the desire, the personality, and the work ethic. The only thing holding you back is an opportunity.

For every great new gig, there are hundreds of applicants. To even be considered, you must find a way to stand out by marketing your personality. This book shows you how to get a call before that gig is even posted. You’ll learn to market your personality brand. And the tips and tricks that will get the attention of that decision-maker.

Get That Gig is a useful guide that helps radio personalities prepare for, campaign for, and get that next gig.

Whether the goal is to move up, make the most of the situation you’re in, or prepare for the future, this book can help you show a PD or manager that you are the personality they absolutely must-have.


  • How to constantly promote and campaign to decision-makers so you get the first call when there’s an opening.
  • Details on how to launch a campaign to attract attention and get them begging for you to work for them.
  • How to open doors with an interesting cover letter.
  • What your resume should-and should not-include.
  • The demo tape: What to leave in and what to leave out to make a great first impression.
  • Making contact and building personal relationships instead of being stonewalled by voicemail.
  • The tools every personality should have to promote and market their brand.


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