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Fix Your Station For Generation Now eBook


Radio must re-invent itself to remain relevant and connect with a new generation of adults. This eBook shares 16 ways to make your brand relevant and exciting again.


I know, you probably don’t think your station is broken. But I’m guessing it is, and you don’t realize it. That’s because broadcasters tend to measure their performance against other stations. Those stations are broken, too.

You may be winning the battle for share, but you’re losing the war for attention, especially with the most important audience: Today’s young adults. You know, that generation you’ve kind of written off for the last decade or so? Except now, they make up the majority in the heart of your target demographic.

This generation is different. Appealing to them requires a different approach. You have to adjust, and you have to do it now.

These 16 ways to reach Generation Now are based on focus groups and one-on-one interviews with millennials. Use it to inspire change at your station and reach a new group of fans.


  • How to earn respect for your brand through authenticity. And yes, being authentic is more than what you say on the air. It’s what you do.
  • Why it’s important for brands to have a story to tell…and a platform to tell it.
  • How to choose a cause, commit to it, and stand for something important.
  • The guaranteed way to lose credibility with today’s generation.
  • Proof that personalities that actually have something meaningful to say are a difference-maker.
  • A concept you thought was outdated…but it’s critically important again.
  • Big, cool promotions aren’t as cool as many stations think.
  • Commercials are a tune-out, but there is a way to play them without running of listeners.