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Content is king. But what does that mean to a radio personality in every break, every hour, every day? Now you can know. Follow these simple, research-backed discoveries that drive ratings.

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Content matters. Radio industry experts constantly point out that content is king. Yet, they don’t define what that means. Pundits climb on the soapbox and scream how the future belongs to personalities who create unduplicated content. But they haven’t brought solutions with their proclamations. Until now.

For decades, programmers have worked hard to curate the perfect music mix with the right produced imaging elements. As a result, listeners count on their radio station to deliver expectations. But programming these elements alone isn’t enough. Listeners also want radio stations to curate the best non-music content. Personality sets stations apart, and If you can consistently curate all of the content on your station, you have the keys to grow your brand from average to best-in-class.

Content Superhero is the result of hundreds of research projects, evaluating thousands of pieces of audio, with tens of thousands of listeners in all formats. After years of analysis, we’ve identified what causes tune out, what attracts tune in and developed a specific process to apply those findings to your station and show.

The project encompasses both the art and science of audience engagement. Applying the principles revealed in the research (science) with unique personalities (art) produces entertainment that truly moves the rating needle.

  • How To Avoid Listener Tune Out: The 6 things that drive listeners to the scan button.
  • Proof that the fastest way to grow ratings is to avoid the biggest cause of rating erosion.
  • Specific Tactics That Increase Tune In: Want to drive ratings? Do these 6 things that cause audiences to stay longer and come back more often.
  • Real-Life Applications: Easy ways to apply each principle to increase attention and drive more listening starting tomorrow.
  • How to create content that rocks by following the guidelines behind the research.