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Air Check Sessions That Don’t Suck eBook


Aircheck meetings are the most dreaded – and most important – part of a PD’s job. But it doesn’t have to be like waterboarding. This book includes 17 themes to keep aircheck sessions fresh, interesting and inspiring.

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Aircheck meetings are hard, for many reasons. Everyone is time challenged with too much to do and too few hours to do it. And everyone hates meetings, and most meetings are a waste of time. Oh, and they’re boring.

Plus, it’s awkward, uncomfortable, and frightening for both talent and coach.

Aircheck sessions are an essential part of air talent success. These sessions should be about discovering ways to improve, the way football teams watch videos to study, analyze and discover new ways to win.

But most aircheck sessions are routine, boring, and negative. It’s time to fix that with this 55-page eBook loaded with tips for making each meeting productive and positive. You’ll find many ways to use the information, but the most effective is to simply pick a theme each week and execute it in your meetings.


  • How to avoid boring meetings: Make aircheck sessions events personalities to look forward to by implementing the 17 themes.
  • Proven techniques we use when coaching talent to keep them interested and engaged in the process of creating great radio.
  • Coaching tips: The book is loaded with programming advice to get the most from air talent…from executing the basics to advanced techniques.