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Advanced Storytelling Seminar


Human beings are attracted to storytellers…and since most listeners are human beings, developing storytelling skills serves radio talent well. In this seminar, Tracy Johnson builds on the Storytelling Basics seminar to take you deeper into the art of building fans with amazing stories.


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Since the beginning of time, we’ve always been attracted to stories told by master storytellers. Now you can learn advanced concepts to help radio personalities become better storytellers.

Advanced Storytelling teaches air personalities how to tell interesting, relatable stories in 4D.

Learn to apply basic storytelling steps by finding a perspective, and building all details to support that perspective. These concepts apply to every break on the radio, including the four types of stories (Mosh Pit, CrowdSource, Other People’s Stories, and Personal Stories).

Full of examples, this seminar will show you principles to grab attention and keep it!



Storytelling in 4D

  • Learn to develop the 4 D’s…performance skills that separate great segments from average ones.
  • How storytelling success is built around choosing the right details…and avoiding the wrong ones.
  • Build more interest and anticipation for the story’s payoff by applying techniques to add suspense.

The Four Types of Stories For the Radio

  • Every break is one of these four types of stories. Master at least two to improve performance on-air.
  • Find out how to tell a personal story without being self-absorbed or “inside”. This is the key to relating naturally.
  • Execution keys to make every break a storytelling break.

How To Earn Attention 

  • There’s no such thing as a bad story…only boring storytellers. Find out why this is true and how to be a compelling storyteller.
  • Discover the art of causing listeners to talk about your show because by creating repeatable, memorable stories.
  • Use this amazing technique to find multiple stories in a single topic just by changing perspectives.


What They Say

“Tracy’s Advanced Storytelling webinar is informative and enjoyable. The “how to do this” information and examples from the talent that does it right is right on point.” –Lee Logan, Programming Consultant

“I really enjoyed the seminar, particularly the examples – and even my morning guy was taking notes. I believe in your approach and admire how clearly you articulate it.”  -John Foster, Program Director

“I took three pages of single-spaced notes during the Advanced Storytelling webinar. Amazing!” –Andrew Duhl, Air Personality & Program Director

“I really enjoyed the presentation. It’s given me a lot to think about. I am excited to find new and better ways to connect with listeners.”  -Peggy James, Air Personality & News Anchor.

The Storytelling 2.0 webinar was one of the stronger ones for sure! I love the idea of using conflict to make a story more exciting…and knowing the differences between a topic and a story. – Jenn Czelada, Air Personality