12 Step Program To Become An On-Air Superstar eBook


Many personalities have been on the air for decades without a plan. This 29-page eBook is designed to guide your career on a path of sustained success. A complete step-by-step guide that’s ideal for new and inexperienced radio talent on the path to become an on-air superstar.

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An architect starts with a blueprint. Before the first nail is driven, a detailed plan is developed with an end goal in mind. It’s the same when developing an on-air superstar.

Many personalities have been on the air for decades with no plan. They drift from market to market or station to station without a strategy. The pursuit of greatness is a process. This 29-page eBook is designed to guide your career on a path of sustained success. 

Regardless of market size or time slot, the principles in the 12 Step Program are at the heart of becoming an on-air superstar. The process isn’t about getting big ratings, attracting a long-term contract, or earning bonuses. Those are benefits that come from executing a plan with excellence.

This 29-page eBook is an overview of what it takes to succeed on the air. It’s perfect for personalities just starting out or those who feel stuck in their career. From planning your career to promoting your show, radio personalities will use these 12 steps as a complete on-air guide to success.

  • Planning: Building a foundation with information every radio personality must know before ever turning on the microphone. From planning a strategy to finding your voice, find out how to establish a strong foundation.
  • Preparation: Know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it by preparing your show for maximum success every day.
  • Performing: Before you can become the next Howard Stern, you must master the basics. This section prepares you for success by helping you understand how to innovate and craft content into unique entertainment only you can perform.
  • Promote: If nobody knows you exist, how will they become fans? Learn to promote and market your personality brand by taking advantage of every opportunity to become famous.

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