Resources, Tools and Training to Become a Great Producer

There are few great radio shows that don’t have a great producer. That’s not a coincidence. But what comes first? Do you have to have a great producer to become a great radio show? Or are great radio shows rewarded with a  producer?

That’s a chicken-or-egg question, isn’t it?

But what is a producer? Is it someone who runs errands and makes sure the coffee is hot each morning? No. It’s much more. Producers are the backbone of a radio show.

Use the tools and links on this page to begin the training process.


Additional Resources:

Articles & Links

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Paul Amos

Paul Amos
Managing Director, XTRA Research
Brisbane, Australia

Tracy has a unique ability ability to recognize, respond and reinvent in the face of a hyper-changing landscape. He knows compelling content and has leading edge insights into the new digital world. This makes Tracy a rare master of media.

Todd Wallace

Todd Wallace
Consultant, Radio Index, Inc.

Tracy, all I can say is WOW, you’ve really nailed it again with Morning Radio Revisited. Congratulations. It’s a great resource for everyone in the business.

Dave Farough

Dave Farough
Programming Executive,

I'm a card carrying member of the Tracy Johnson Fan club! He's smart, great to work with and the monthly seminars have helped our Brand Directors and talent build build compelling content by providing tips and ideas they can use immediately.