Resources, Tools and Training to Become a Great Producer

There are few great radio shows that don’t have a great producer. That’s not a coincidence. But what comes first? Do you have to have a great producer to become a great radio show? Or are great radio shows rewarded with a  producer?

That’s a chicken-or-egg question, isn’t it?

But what is a producer? Is it someone who runs errands and makes sure the coffee is hot each morning? No. It’s much more. Producers are the backbone of a radio show.

Use the tools and links on this page to begin the training process.


Additional Resources:

Articles & Links

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Air Personality, C100
Halifax, Nova Scotia

And suddenly, it all makes sense! I love Tracy johnson's webinars. Please, sir...I want some more!


Air Personality, 95.9 The Ranch

As a major market air personality, I can uneqiuivocally say that Tracy is the top talent coach and programming consultant in the nation. He knows what works on-air and promotionally to excite listeners and drive ratings.

Pat Safford

Pat Safford
Air Personality, Q98.5

Tracy is hands down the best talent coach in the business! He has helped us develop and grow our characters on our show, taught us how to TEASE, and to create "can't miss" radio! Don’t do another show WITHOUT Tracy!