Resources, Tools and Training to Become a Great Producer

There are few great radio shows that don’t have a great producer. That’s not a coincidence. But what comes first? Do you have to have a great producer to become a great radio show? Or are great radio shows rewarded with a  producer?

That’s a chicken-or-egg question, isn’t it?

But what is a producer? Is it someone who runs errands and makes sure the coffee is hot each morning? No. It’s much more. Producers are the backbone of a radio show.

Use the tools and links on this page to begin the training process.


Additional Resources:

Articles & Links

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Andrew Duhl

Andrew Duhl
Program Director/Air Personality, WQNZ, WKSO, KZKR, WNAT, WWUU
Natchez, Mx

I’ve only been a subscriber to Insiders for a couple of days, and have already put ideas in place for my show. Insiders has streamlined the way I find and present content for my radio show. I can’t wait to try out some more ideas!

Rod Thorson

Rod Thorson
Air Personality, WLPO
North Central, Ill.

Thank you for your helpful tips. My morning show has been #1 in NC Illinois for years, even against Chicago stations are heard in my market. I owe it to great advice I've received from a couple elite consultants, and you're one of them.

Daniel Britt

Daniel Britt
General Manager/Program Director, Joy FM
Winston-Salem, NC

I received your emails for years, but attended my first online seminar this week. Wow! It's a must-attend from now on. Bless you in your work!