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Some legacy stories pay tribute to the past. Some show how radio personalities impact the lives of listeners every day. Paul Castronova’s legacy is still being written, but his story of reinvention, rebirth, and return to the top of the market is inspiring.

For decades, Paul and Young Ron were the morning radio show on WBGG/Miami-Fort Lauderdale. they were also syndicated on other stations in various markets in South Florida.

The show dominated the ratings for many years. But everything changed on December 16, 2016. That’s when “Young Ron” Brewer retired from the show with a big farewell just before the Christmas holiday.

Castronova continued, but as he was about to learn, changes can be hard for fans to accept. After a difficult year, Paul stepped back, evaluated the show, and charted a course to return to the top.

Listen as Paul tells me how he did it and what he learned in this new chapter of The Legacy Project:


  • History of Paul and Yong Ron. :40
  • The Show’s New Cast And Why It Failed. 2:20
  • Hitting Rock Bottom And Recasting The Show. 4:40
  • #1 to #16 and Back Again. 6:15
  • How Long Did it Take To Bounce Back? 7:45
  • Critical Ingredients: Trust and Confidence. 9:22
  • A Goose-Bumps Moment Of Recognizing The Show’s Impact. 10:27
  • The Difference Radio Personalities Make In Listener Lives Every Day. 13:06
  • Paul’s Advice To Young Personalities Today. 14:50


Tracy Johnson: 

Paul’s story is remarkable. When Young Ron left the show and the ratings collapsed, it would have been easy to either give up after a long and successful career or stubbornly dig in his heels and not change a thing. But Paul reinvented his show with a new cast and found a new path to the top, proving that there is no single formula for success. I can’t wait to see what happens next as Castronovo’s legacy continues to evolve.

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