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The late Nick Michaels was a master of station branding and production. He was also an accomplished talent, hosting his syndicated show The Deep End.

But Nick’s promos stood out because they were simply brilliant.

His performance as a voiceover actor is legendary. Nick’s pieces caused listeners to feel the essence of the radio station. They were emotional, pointed, and added another personality layer. They never sounded like an ad for the radio station. They sounded like part of the fabric of the station itself.

Listen to the WDRV/Chicago promo. It oozes the essence of that station and sets a tone for the station. WDRV continues to honor the legacy to this day with one of radio’s most creative and powerful imaging strategies.

Nick Michaels had a gift of injecting power in his promos without straining, shouting, or hyping the message. It was always comfortable, natural, and easy.

Promo mastery starts with identifying a concept to be communicated. That was Nick’s secret sauce. Michaels’ promos were never too long or too busy. They moved forward but weren’t rushed. They revolved around a single message told through a story.



Tracy Johnson:

Nick Michaels was a storyteller that knew how to connect emotionally with powerful, layered copy and amazing imagery. He wove his message into word pictures that build images for the brands he worked with. I love how his stories for WDRV/Chicago make the songs and artists from decades ago come alive in fresh, vibrant ways. He’s the best of his generation.

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