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Broadway Bill Lee is the all-time master of brevity. Listen to his show (now on WCBS-New York) to hear a quick, but not out-of-control personality. And he packs amazing content into tight windows, always showcasing the music.

Some personalities think they are held back because they’re not given enough time to perform. Some even think the music is a competitor, taking up time that could be a talk break. But just as every great painter is restricted by the canvas on which they paint, Lee demonstrates that great air talent can entertain in short segments without sounding rushed or frantic.

Lee says:

I understand that everything has to be done very quickly. Whatever I do has got to be pieced together with the music, but not so much that I interfere with the song. As long as I keep that in mind, people love me.

Listen to the aircheck. Notice how he balances personality and music. Songs sound better when a great personality frames them properly.

Watch the video of Bill introducing Whole Lotta Love. I mean, who can talk over the intro of a Led Zepplin song and make the song sound better? Broadway Bill Lee.


Tracy Johnson:

Broadway Bill Lee crafts great entertainment over song intros. Some say it’s a gift. Others say it’s an art. I say it’s years of hard work, dedication to his craft, and a burning pride in performance.

Bill Lee is the father of three grown boys, two girls, and two cats. He has received the Billboard Radio Magazine award for Radio Personality of the Year, as well as Personality of the Year from Radio & Records Magazine and two New York Metro Air Awards for Best Afternoon Drive Show.

And he’s still doing it on WCBS/New York after years and years of amazing performance. For more inspiration, follow Bill on Twitter. He regularly posts new clips of his incredible intros.

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