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Much of my story was laid bare in my column series “From the Trenches” and “The World According to ARP” (1989-2004, Radio World newspaper), but I = enjoy giving credit and respect where it is due.

The three jocks that inspired me the most were Cousin Brucie Morrow (WABC/New York), Dan Ingram (also on WABC), and The Greaseman, Doug Tracht (WWDC/Washington DC).

Dan Ingram was fast and funny. You can hear how he still influences my performances today.

Bruce Morrow’s Sillerman-Morrow stations in the 1980s defied the rigid liner-card mentality of that era. He encouraged the jocks to stand out on the dial by being fun and creative.

Greaseman was able to improvise stories and act them out on the fly with sound effects and music. And he did it all live. It was dazzling.

I regret never having met Dan, but I did work for Bruce at one of his Massachusetts stations (1983-1987). Then I had the privilege to write song parodies for Greaseman and even helped build his home studio in Potomac, Maryland.

I’ve never considered myself to be a “larger than life” monster radio talent. I’m just 5’6″ and over 60 years old. I don’t think I’ve inspired anyone to try for a radio career.

But to the three guys that set my feet on the path: Here’s to ya, lads.


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