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10 Tips To Take You From #10 to #1 (Insiders)

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What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How you’re making it hard for your audience to love you-and make you famous

    How great personalities mine topics for an advantage you didn’t know exists.

    What the children’s book Hansel and Gretel teach you about personality radio.

     The show tactic to stop now…. it’s killing repeat tune-in.

    The one thing that attracts listeners-every time. And how to get it on your show.

    What you should change immediately-and what needs to stay the same.

    The key characteristic that should be part of your character brand.

    How to make your content stand out from all other entertainment sources

    Are you over-thinking your show? Probably. How to have a #1 show and keep it simple

    And more.

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