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Storytelling 2.0: How To Tell Compelling Stories (Insiders)

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What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Should you take on sensitive topics…like politics?
  • The 7 most powerful words on the radio
  • A lesson from Tommy Chong to make you a better storyteller
  • Why using lists on the air is a big mistake
  • How to apply the 3 E’s of Entertainment on your show
  • The difference between Topics and Stories
  • Which details to leave in and which to take out
  • How to hijack a topic and make it your own story
  • The #1 mistake personalities make when telling stories
  • How to tell stories that extend TSLNOTE: This webinar builds on the webinar: Storytelling Basics: Story Structure. If you haven’t watched that webinar, you might want to do so before this one. Watch the webinar here

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