Voice Commands and Top of Mind Awareness

Voice Commands and Top of Mind Awareness

by Andrew Curran

As radios continue to disappear from homes across the country, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm for devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The ease of home automation devices brings voice commands to the forefront in pop culture.

While some have heralded these devices as “Radio’s Next Can’t-Miss Opportunity,” that success is far from certain. After all, in recent years wireless Bluetooth speakers have proliferated and in many ways expedited the obsolescence of radios around the house. Yet, it has been Pandora, Spotify and playlists that have benefited the most from Bluetooth listening.

A Google search about tips for using voice command yields very specific and personalized requests just by saying, Alexa:

What’s my commute this morning?
How many ounces are in a quart?
Set the timer for 10 minutes.
What’s the weather today?
Play Jack and Diane.
Add Tide to my shopping list.
Play my (Spotify, Pandora) station.
Order an Uber.
Tell Starbucks to start my order.

Alexa truly is a virtual assistant. Whatever is top of mind, just say it to Alexa and consider it done. Seriously, get the Echo Dot, even if you don’t want it. You need to know what your audience is using.

The Illusion of Infinite Choice

Radio on the other hand is not built for personalization or song skipping. At the moment, that’s the domain of streaming services.

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