12 Ways to Make A Great Impression at Station Appearances

12 Ways to Make A Great Impression at Station Appearances

by Tracy Johnson

It makes me absolutely crazy to see radio station promotions at events or appearances.

There’s a van. Maybe a tent. Or perhaps just a card table with a banner. And there are a couple of minimum wage promo assistants talking amongst themselves while potential listeners and ratings respondents ignore you. Because you’re not doing anything to command attention. There’s nothing to do!

Hanging a banner isn’t promotion. Visibility is fine, but it doesn’t move the awareness needle. It doesn’t make an impression. It doesn’t drive tune in and it doesn’t enhance your image.

give them a show

Most of the time, our promotion teams don’t listen, and probably don’t even like the station. They don’t know enough about it to sell the key benefits to the public. And they are the first impression that consumer has with your brand.

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It’s not their fault. Most of them have never been trained. All they know how to do is set up the sound system and drop off the coupons for 20% off a Slurpee.

Radio is the only industry in the world that drives up in a van, hangs a banner and calls it promotion.

We have to do better than this. Here’s how to start:

12 Ways to Make an Impression at Appearances

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