Netflix Top Competitor is Sleep: Who Do You Compete With?

Netflix Top Competitor is Sleep: Who Do You Compete With?

by Andrew Curran

When you’re in the midst of binge watching a series on Netflix, sacrificing sleep along the way, remember what CEO Reed Hastings says. Netflix’ biggest competitor isn’t HBO or YouTube. It’s “sleep”.

The way Hastings sees it, as Netflix has grown exponentially, HBO has also grown and prospered, which proves “home entertainment is not a zero-sum game.”

In a similar way, Facebook isn’t concerned about the small amount of time people spend with other social media platforms. They are focused on the significant time spent watching TV and playing video games. As a result, Facebook aims to be “more compelling than all the other things you could be doing with your time.”

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For Uber, their competition isn’t Lyft or other ride hailing apps. It’s self-driving cars and the race to eliminate the expense of drivers. That’s a cornerstone of their long term business plan.

Radio’s Real Competitor

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