Get More Music Research Response: Ask For Less

Get More Music Research Response: Ask For Less

by Tracy Johnson

Sometimes, when you want more, you have to ask for less. That sounds strange, but it’s not a contradiction of terms. It’s reality, and it certainly applies to the world of online surveys. So if you want more music research response, ask for less. you’ll get more.

Campaign Monitor, a leading email and data collection company, strongly recommends that their clients follow that advice for best results:

Keeping things short will ensure you get as many people to complete your survey as possible. It might be tempting to ask about everything you want to know, but you’re better off optimizing a small number of questions and making them really count. It shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to fill out your survey.

Yet most radio stations are still testing 20, 30 or even 40 songs in each survey. Take the test yourself. When do you start to lose interest? Usually after about 6-8 songs. After that, it becomes a chore, and many respondents bail out early, leaving you with incomplete information or even worse, data that can’t be used (since some systems require all songs to be scored to count).

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What’s more, even if they do make it to the end, they’re probably just clicking on a button to qualify for the prize, or they’re rushing through because they’ve already invested some time and they just want to get it over with. Either way, they’re certainly rating the songs at the end of the survey with a different mindset than when they started.

How to Get More Music Research

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