7 Ways to Improve Response Rates in Online Music Testing

7 Ways to Improve Response Rates in Online Music Testing

by Tracy Johnson

Online music testing is a popular way for radio stations to gather information from listeners. It’s inexpensive, especially compared to traditional callout methods, fast  and it can be much more accurate. Online music testing typically attracts a larger, broader sample, but many stations are seeing a serious decline in response rates.

Many research companies offer affordable solutions, some allowing stations to manage the entire process. this saves time, money and gives you more control over the results.

However, as in all research, the results are only as reliable as the input (sample and questions) and interpretation (how you interpret the results). That’s where many stations find themselves in trouble.

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But you can protect against making these common mistakes by taking a different approach to music research by increasing response rates.

To improve online music testing results-and, by extension, your ratings- check out the webinar on demand Music Research Done Right. But in the meantime, here are 7 things you can do to improve  results:

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